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100% Free Pre NCT Check

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Want to get a quick and easy car check? Here at Sweeney’s Garage, we offer a
Free 10 Point Pre NCT Check to keep your vehicle running safely.

Free 10 Point Pre NCT Check

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Sweeney’s are renowned as the leading car and light commercial vehicle providers in Ireland. Established in 2001, we offer 20 years of knowledge and established expertise in providing a variety of professional car maintenance services. With garages across Dublin, including Ballyfermot, Tallaght and Dublin City Centre, our professionally qualified mechanics provide quality services and reassurance to a wide range of customers across the city.

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Free 10 Point Pre NCT Check Details


    1. Ensuring that all lights and bulbs work properly during dark winter days when drivers are more heavily reliant on visual aids.
    2. Examining your car’s headlight alignment to prevent you from blinding other drivers on the road.
    3. Checking your handbrake is fully functioning, so there’s no need for worrying about parking or manoeuvring in hilly areas.
    4. It’s essential to have optimal visibility during harsh winter conditions, which is why our mechanics make sure your wiper blades and sprayers are working as they should.
    5. Battery and charging capacity testing to determine the efficiency of your car battery. Battery’s capacity often reduces in cold weather.
    6. Monitoring and measuring the thickness and pressure of your tyres, as well as checking for slow punctures, to guarantee your car is safe and legal to drive in wet and icy conditions.
    7. Visually inspecting your brakes and suspension in order to keep your vehicle stable and safe to drive on uneven roads.
    8. Ensuring your vehicle’s spare wheel and tyre pressure is in good working condition in case of a breakdown or emergency.
    9. Examining your car’s engine cooling system and freezing point to ensure these are running correctly with no leaks or overheating issues present.
    10. Checking for oil leaks to prevent fire hazards and avoid any premature wear and tear.