Quick but thorough wheel alignment service

Issues with wheel alignment can put you, your passengers and other drivers at risk. 

If you are in the Dublin area, Sweeneys Garage offers a fast and versatile response, helping you to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

wheel alignment

How do you know you need a wheel alignment?

The signs that a vehicle needs a wheel alignment check and adjustment vary. It can be an obvious issue with your steering, as your vehicle may start to veer left or right. Or, you may notice that your steering wheel rests in a crooked position.

As any of the expert mechanics at Sweeneys’ three garages will tell you, misaligned vehicle wheels are not always that obvious!

For example, during our free NCT 10 Point Check, we may notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly. Listen out for squealing tires or noisy steering too. If that happens, then book an appointment for Dublin, Ballyfermot and Tallaght through us.


Professional wheel alignment

The team at Sweeneys Dublin provide wheel alignment services using the latest technology, as well as our own extensive experience in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Our Techno Vector system relies on 3D graphics to create a pinpoint accurate assessment. We can then use this to calibrate the correct adjustments. As it’s connected to a printer, we would be pleased to provide a written report of your alignment check either before or after we make the changes needed to keep your vehicle safe with improved steering performance and less wear on your tyres.

Free car collection for steering issues

If there is any question your vehicle is unsafe or difficult to drive, it’s important to book our free car collection service for Ballyfermot, Tallaght or Dublin within 2km of our garages.


Cost of wheel alignment checks and adjustments

Whichever Sweeneys Garage you use, you are always assured of low costs for labour and parts, including an inexpensive service for wheel alignment Tallaght, Dublin or Ballyfermot-based. That’s achieved without compromising on thorough workmanship of course, as Sweeneys Garage has built its strong local reputation on attention to detail, mechanical expertise and customer-friendly services.