One4All gift cards

Sweeney’s Garage is delighted to announce that all three of our service and repair centres across Dublin are now able to accept One4All gift cards to pay for a range of motoring services.

As the leading car and light vehicle servicing and repair company in Ireland, teaming up with the country’s biggest gift card provider was a no-brainer, offering our customers a new and convenient way to pay for their garage essentials.

Give the gift of motoring to someone you know

Received a gift card for Christmas or your birthday and would prefer to put it to good use rather than buying stuff you don’t need? Want to give a really practical gift to every motorist you know? How about a present for the teenager who has just got their first car? Or a helping hand to get someone’s conked out motor back on the road? An One4All gift card to put towards a service at Sweeney’s is a practical present.

Recently, One4All estimated that there are over €219m left on unused gift cards in Ireland alone. We all do it. We receive a gift card, buy what we want and have a balance remaining that we forget about. Or we just pop the card in a drawer for it never to see the light of day again. Whatever the balance – put it to good use by paying for things you need doing on the car.

Checklist for NCT - what are the essentials?

What garage services can I use my gift card to pay for?

Because we know that owning a car can be expensive, we’ve opened up the services that we will accept One4All gift cards on. We didn’t just want to offer this for the ‘nice extras’ you might buy for your vehicle, but to include many of the essential things that every motorist will fork out for every year.

You can use your One4All gift card as payment or part payment towards a range of maintenance, servicing, repair, inspection and diagnostic services.

Choose from:

Just present your card when it comes to settling the bill as you would when using a gift card at any store. It really is easy peasy motoring at Sweeney's!